Sleeping Like a Baby

Helping your little one get the sleep they need to be the best they can be

Welcome to Bumble B Sleep! Check out our personalized sleep packages for your little ones. We have options for 0 to 4 years old.

Mother and Baby


I'm Katiesue Ross, Certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant

I am a mother of two and love discussing sleep! My passion for this topic began with my own children and continues to grow with every family I talk to. I want to empower you and your little one to have the best sleep you can have!


Newborn Baby

Baby B Newborn Package

0 to 12 weeks

Baby Crawling

Busy B Packages

4 months to 4 years

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 "My daughter and I were up multiple times a night. Now, thanks to Katiesue, she regularly sleeps 12+ hours and I actually get to spend time with my older kids and husband. Can't say thank you enough!"

- Hanna 


 "The support Katiesue gave us through the first 12 weeks with our son as amazing. She answered my millions of questions and gave me so much encouragement. Our little one is sleeping 100x better than I would have imagined and I truly believe Katiesue is to thank.

- Olivia & Family 

 "Katiesue is supportive, kind, and knowledgeable in all things baby and toddler sleep. She was instrumental in getting both my babies to sleep during the night. The support she provided drastically improved my children's sleep as well as my own!"

- Crystal